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The Setting

London, England, 1894

The last decade of the Victorian Era. In a decade the Queen will be dead, the Continent will be embroiled in conflict after conflict, and 20th century will be upon us…. If the world survives it’s darkest hour.

In the Victorian Age, there is an uneasy truce with magic. Most don’t believe it exists, but they do believe in ghosts, bogeymen, and spirits. Seances are held by the wives of people who scoff at the supernatural in public. The Orient is a mysterious land full of legends and mysticism. The dark continent hold wonders for those who dare to brave the many dangers.

What’s the Same

We’re using the Pathfinder system, no new rules.

What’s Different


Everyone is human. Regardless of the race you actually pick, you will still look, sound, smell, feel, and taste like a human. (Hopefully the taste doesn’t matter very often.)


Most classes can be flavoured easily to fit the setting. A few notes would be appropriate, though. Martial classes need no changes. Primal classes would probably be played as characters that are tied to the land of an older people (Native Americans, Africans, Aborigines, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: A Pathfinder druid bears little resemblance to a real world druid. Most real world druids, if they could lay claim to the powers they profess, would be hedge-wizards, so would be closer to a Pathfinder Wizard or Sorceror. A Pathfinder Druid is closer to a Witch doctor of South America or Africa. Arcane and Psionic classes would probably be either Europeans with studies into the tabooed ancient magics of legend or someone from the Orient who has studied the mystical arts in that area. This is by no means the only way to re-visage the classes, simply the more likely ways.


Magic is not prevalent in the world, though horror stories about magic are. Magic use in public, at least in the more ‘civilised’ world, will earn you at the best, distrust, and at worse, cause people to hunt you down.

Guns, Not Bows

Although some people in the world might still use arrows, guns are the weapon of choice for most of the industrialised nations.

The World Hides Secrets

Behind the scenes of history, forces are stirring. These forces very rarely show themselves, so when they do, something will happen. And the gaslight shadows aren’t as empty as you might think.

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